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Fullproof: Our Story

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

“The children of wine are oft disowned in the morning light”: a fond quote from George R. R. Martin, and a well-observed and familiar reality to any of us who've enjoyed a glass or two while discussing lofty ideas or plans that are usually forgotten the next day.

The concept for Fullproof was such a child of wine, or rather, "whine"! Many years back, while staying in a luxury hotel on Rome's Via Veneto, my companions and I noticed “White Whine” options on the hotel's beverage menu! The error wasn’t a play on words. It was an obvious mistake by a writer moderately conversant but not formally educated in English, who I later learned had relied on autocorrect to ensure accuracy. Of course, “whine” is a word too, and wasn't picked up by automated software.

Enjoying the wine vs "whine" error, a chat over written faux pas followed, and the seed of Fullproof was sown. From that moment, I started collecting mistakes wherever I encountered them. There were “corn flacks for breakfast” and “cockage for $1.50 a head”. Hilarious errors, maybe, but injurious to business credibility.

Funny english mistakes

The mistakes weren’t confined to hospitality. Working in various industries, I found myself "copy-righting" the professional copywriting services we'd engaged. Eventually, the seed planted in Rome blossomed into reality. I put a passion project into being. Fullproof was born. It was created to be different from typical proofreading and writing services, with an approach that employs both heart and brain.

Every brand has a unique personality that should speak loudly. It's not just about the writing being technically accurate - it needs to reflect a brand's identity. That's why in providing proofreading, editing and content creation, we take time to know your business to provide suggestions on idiomatic language and stylistic revisions that are appropriate for your brand voice.

We believe the right words for some aren’t the right words for all. We make it our business to know the difference.

Ali Holmes Founder

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