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“The children of wine are oft disowned in the morning light”: a wonderful quote from George R. R. Martin of which I’m tremendously fond. And an amusingly familiar reality to any of us who enjoy a glass (or two) of a decent drop: those lofty ideas and plans we make with friends over a bottle of wine that are usually abandoned the next day.

The concept behind Fullproof was also the child of wine. Or more accurately—whine. “White Whine”, as it appeared on a menu in a luxury Rome hotel.

It wasn’t an edgy play on words. It was a genuine error, and an understandable one for those moderately conversant but not formally educated in English, and who may be relying on automatic spellchecking. After all, “whine” is a word too and wouldn't be picked up by basic autocorrect technologies.

Enjoying both our wine and our “whine” experience, a general chat over written faux pas followed and the seed of Fullproof was sown.

From that day on, I started collecting mistakes. There were “corn flacks for breakfast” and “cockage for $1.50 a head”—hilarious errors perhaps, but potentially injurious to the credibility of the businesses that carried them on their collateral.

Funny english mistakes

And the mistakes weren’t confined to the hospitality industry. While working in various corporate industries, I found myself copy-righting the copywriting we’d paid for.

Eventually the seed that was planted years before in Rome blossomed into being—I put a passion (and a habit!) into practice and Fullproof was born.

But it was born with a difference to other proofreading and editing services. I love communication. I wanted to offer a service that offered heart as well as brain; I didn’t just want to correct spelling, typographical errors, punctuation, grammar and syntax.​

I believe every brand has a unique personality that should speak loudly to its customers. It's not just about the writing being right: it needs to reflect who you are. That's why in addition to basic proof-reading, we take the time to know your business to allow us to better provide suggestions on appropriate idiomatic language, tone and phrasing. After all, the “right” words for some aren’t the “right” words for all.

Ali Holmes Founder

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