What We Do

Words. We get words right.

Language is a supple and powerful tool. Your written communications crucially impact your customers' first impressions of your professional  credibility, competence and experience.

We ensure your writing is accurate and free of errors, but we also do more than that. Your language shouldn't just be  "correct": it should reflect who you arecarry your voice and efficiently deliver your message. That's why in addition to proofreading, we also provide editorial suggestions on tone, stylistic consistency and idiomatic language.

Our service guarantee:

  • 48-hour guaranteed turnaround delivery for our basic proofreading service

  • Guaranteed accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and terminology

  • Tightening of language to remove needless repetition and verbosity

  • Suggestions for revised stylistic expression with appropriate phrasing/idiomatic language

  • Bespoke copywriting delivered to spec and within agreed timeframes, every time