You write it.

We right  it. ® 

Fullproof delivers expert proofreading and editing services with guaranteed 48-hour turnaround*.


The skill of good writing is difficult to master. At Fullproof, we take the stress out of it for you. We ensure your writing is checked for accuracy: correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency and terminology.  But we believe your writing should be more than just correct. That's why we provide revisions on tone, phrasing and style, so the words that speak for you are appropriate for your brand personality, readership or customer base.

In 48 hours*, we guarantee your written communications will be returned to you, revised and ready to go. We offer online proofreading and editing for:

  • Websites, eDMs (email marketing), social media, content marketing, blogs and other digital communications

  • Marketing collateral including flyers, brochures, signage and mailbox drops

  • Hospitality and retail support material—menus, price lists, catalogues, product and service descriptions

  • Sales presentations, capability statements, business proposals and press releases

  • ... and much more.

* 48-hour turnaround not applicable to substantive editing, copywriting or other custom projects. 


Right it, right away.

Upload your writing to be proofread and returned to you within 48 hours*, guaranteed. Simply choose the word count for the required amount of text and send us your files—it's as easy as that.

*48-hour turnaround not applicable to substantive editing, copywriting or other custom projects. 

For single or multiple pdf or word documents:


< 500 words for $39 AUD

< 1,000 words for $69 AUD

< 2,000 words for $99 AUD

< 3,000 words for $119 AUD

< 4,000 words for $139 AUD

Over 4,000 words? Request a custom quote.

We reserve the right to refuse our service for document submissions of an academic nature (such as essays, theses, dissertations and any written material intended for submission to an academic institution), which we believe to contravene rules of plagiarism as dictated by Australian academic regulations.


Should this occur, we will refund any payments and remit this through our secure payment systems.

What we do

Words. We get words right.

Language is a supple and powerful tool. Your written communications crucially impact your customers' first impressions of your professional  credibility, competence and experience.

We ensure your writing is accurate and free of errors, but we also do more than that. Your language shouldn't just be  "correct": it should reflect who you arecarry your voice and efficiently deliver your message. That's why in addition to proofreading, we also provide editorial suggestions on tone, stylistic consistency and idiomatic language.

Our service guarantee:

  • 48-hour guaranteed turnaround delivery for our basic proofreading and editing service

  • Thorough correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and terminology

  • Tightening of language to remove needless repetition and verbosity

  • Suggestions for revised stylistic expression with appropriate phrasing/idiomatic language



What our customers say:

Fullproof provided proofreading services for a major dictionary product. Their reliability, accuracy and attention to detail facilitated completion of the project within incredibly demanding timeframes.

LexisNexis (Legal Publishing)